Ido Fishman Shares a Guide for Keeping Food Fresh in Fridges

In the scientific and technology era, the most useful invention that came to being was refrigerator, commonly known as fridge. Since it has been introduced, it has become the basic utility and necessity of every household. It is now common to find at least one fridge in every household, which is why it is the top appliance in the entire world. It has helped people keep their food preserved for long periods of time. If it is your favorite dish on the table and you are full, you can save it for later and put it in the fridge.

However, when it is the summer season, things become difficult as at times, the food you put inside the fridge ends up getting rotten. At times, it is just a single dish that turns bad and starts smelling while inside the fridge. There are many problems that people tend to face when it comes to having refrigerators. Therefore, Ido Fishman, a famous chef with vast experience in the field of cooking and preservation of food has shared some important points as guide for you to follow. These points would help you keep your fridge free from all the troubles people face all over the world.

Ido Fishman and His Blog’s Purpose

On the Ido Fishman Food Blog, you would be able to go through all the guides to keep your fridge and food at their best. Ido Fishman is one of the most prominent chefs in the entire food and beverage industry and he has learned many things and has done many courses throughout his experience as a chef. The first ever skill he gained was through the French Cuisine Course. As French dishes are rich in gravy and sauces, therefore, they have high chances of turning bad and stale if kept longer in the fridge. This is the reason why the French Cuisine Course provides useful information around the usage of fridge.

Always Make Sure the Fridge Temperature is Adjusted Correctly

When you are using a fridge, you need to make sure that its temperature is always kept within an ideal range. If you want to keep the texture, aroma, and taste of the food/dish alive, then keep the temperature of the fridge between 0 degree Celsius and 5 degree Celsius. When it comes to freezer, the temperature in that particular compartment needs to be between a range of -18 degree Celsius and -20 degree Celsius.

Do Not Randomize Food in Fridge/Freezer Compartments

No matter what temperature you have set in your fridge compartment, the temperature on top of your fridge compartment would be different because of the freezer compartment subtracting some of the degrees. This is something that should not be considered bad. Instead, you should be using it to your benefit.

When it comes to using the top shelf on the fridge compartment to your benefit, you can go for a number of food items you can place there. Some of them include seafood, fish, raw meat, butter, cheese, and condiments. When it comes to the middle and lower shelves, use them to stuff items such as vegetables, fruits, pizza, cooked meats, and soup etc.

Fridge has Humidity, Use it wisely

If you have a humidity switch in your fridge, you can use it wisely to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. To do this, you can keep the humidity level high for the vegetables and low for fruits. If there is no humidity switch, then it is advised that you keep your vegetables inside the lower fridge drawer. It helps keep the moisture run out of the compartment and keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. As for fruits, it is advisable that you keep them in the middle shelf of the fridge compartment where humidity is at the lowest.

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