Save Yourself from The Common Kitchen Disasters and Order Food Online

Maybe you are experiencing sudden food cravings during midweek or maybe you invited your friends’ home for dinner. So, what now? We live in a digital world where so many things are possible by just a tap on our smartphone. Online food ordering has been a boon for so many of us who want to take a break from cooking and for those who want to savour our favourite dish at the comfort of our home.

If you are in the mood for lip-smacking food but too tired to dress up and show at a restaurant bring the restaurant home. There are many restaurants offering online delivery at Twin City.  Green Mill Restaurant and bar is renowned for serving delicious food in the city. Install their app to get access to special discounts and order food online.

What does online food ordering save you from?

Why spend so much time in the kitchen after a busy day when you could use the time to treat yourself to a great meal? What all could go wrong with cooking?

Injuries: The new recipe and cutting skills you learnt in Masterchef program seemed easy at first glance didn’t it? Reality isn’t exactly rosy unfortunately. Trying to mimic your favorite chefs could leave you injured.

Soup disaster: Once in a while we all like to fix a steaming bowl of soup for dinner. You try to make it creamier by running the blender but oops! Before you realize it, the soup has splattered everywhere. May be the lid wasn’t positioned right! You now have extra cleaning work to do and there’s no soup left either!

Microwave mistakes: There are times when you’d want to settle for convenience foods. Though it’s easy-peasy to heat things in the oven, you’ve probably lost count of the number of times the foil-wrapped food emitted sparks and spoilt your kitchen equipment.

Burns: Everyone who has tried their hand at cooking is likely to be victims of burns. Why agonize yourself by accidently smearing hot peppers on your face and eyes?

How to make the most of online ordering?

  • Order before you arrive home from work to cut down the waiting time.

  • If you are currently watching your calories, make it a point to follow an eating schedule and order early. Don’t wait until the foodie in you starts screaming for attention. That way you’ll order healthy.
  • Mention clear delivery instructions so that the driver won’t bother you with continuous calls

Talking about food has got you hungry already? When food is just a click away, there’s nothing to worry. Order food online and satiate your taste foods.

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