Top 5 Effective Ways of Building Muscle Fast

People have different targets when working out. Even among athletes, some want to increase strength, others to build endurance, and someone may want to build muscle. If building muscles and strength is your goal, knowing how to do it fast is good. Growing muscle mass is complex, with most people giving up months after intense training. It requires hard work and endurance. The following are five practical ways of building muscle fast.

  1. Increase the Training Volume

Increasing your training volume means increasing your reps and sets. The key to building more muscle is increasing the intensity of your training concerning the way you work them out. The more reps and sets you do, the more your muscles increase. It also means increasing the intensity of your workout. If you have been limiting yourself to a specific weight, you need to go beyond that and add the weight. It results in more muscle burn, which means more muscle growth. Therefore, focus on the intensity of the workout to break down muscle protein for more muscle growth.

  1. Take More Protein

Protein is vital for muscle building. Therefore, if you want to grow your muscles fast, ensure you take more protein. You can eat food high in protein since it is a safe and natural source of protein. Another effective way of increasing protein intake is by taking supplements. Some of these pre-workout supplements boost muscle growth and strength. For instance, beta-alanine is best known for enhancing the amino acids in the body and promoting muscle growth. Some people may witness beta alanine itching after the first days of taking it, even though the body gets used with time. It is safe and the best way to ensure your body gets adequate protein for muscle growth.

  1. Avoid Resting for Too Long Between Sets

Resting between sets reduces the results of your workout. The recommendable resting time between groups should be at most 90 seconds. You encourage your body to synthesize more protein when you take short breaks between sets. It makes it more effective for muscle growth. The burning sensation you feel on the muscles when you don’t rest too much means you are focusing on the muscles and increases the rate of wearing down. This, in turn, leads to faster muscle growth.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Muscle recovery is as critical as the workout. After the training, you need to give your body enough time to rest, during which the body releases a hormone that triggers muscle synthesis. The pain you feel after workout results from micro damage on the muscle tissues. It is during the recovery period that the muscles grow.

  1. Take in More Calories

This may sound contradictory, but your body requires more calories to build muscle. It needs a source of energy to sustain the intensity you require for faster muscle growth. Therefore, throughout your training, ensure you give your body enough calories to build stamina.

Wrapping Up

Building muscle is no small feat. It requires commitment and severe training, and the gain does not come fast. However, it is possible to make it easier using the five tips mentioned here. Supplementation, nutrition, sleep and working out more play a crucial role in building muscle fast.

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