How to Pour the Perfect Pint, Every Time

Beer. A refreshing beverage that changed the world. Many trade routes, recipes, and strong bonds have revolved around this simple drink of just four ingredients. What is it about beer that has continued to stand the test of time? A true beer drinker can tell the difference from a good to a great beer, and many spend their lives in search of a perfect pint. Whether you’re pouring at home or in a crowded bar, there are a few things to always check to ensure you are pouring your best pint every time.

Keeping Charts on Carbonation

A carbonated beer can truly make or break a good beer. Flat beer is a disappointment to all but keeping on top of your carbonation levels can help with this. Investing in a carbonation chart will take away any unnecessary stress and be sure to regularly check your co2 gas cylinders. When running smoothly, these help keep your beer crisp and refreshing. If your cylinders are cracked or broken, however, it can turn a perfect pint into an absolute nightmare.

Check Your Temperature for Each Beer

Some beers are made for specific temperatures. A cask-session ale, for example, is typically served at a warmer temperature than an ice-cold lager. When poured too cold or too warm, this can drastically change the temperature of a beer. Light lagers and pilsners need a colder temperature to bring out the flavours and crispness of their beer. Whatever beer you’re serving, check to see the ideal temperature it should be poured.

Clean Your Lines Often and Well

You would think this goes without saying, but many bars surprisingly do not clean lines often enough. This build-up of dirt and grime often will lead to a foamier beer, and the build-ups have nowhere to go but your drink. As soon as a keg is emptied, it’s best to clean the line thoroughly with a wire brush. This keeps dirt and excess from building back up, leaving you with a cleaner beer.

By treating your beer with the respect it deserves, you will soon notice the nuances of a perfectly poured beer. The right temperature can make all the difference. The perfect carbonation level will create the perfect mouthfeel. A clean line makes for a clean beer, and a happy brewer and consumer.

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